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The 2015 Dark Star GT will take place at the Fantasy Flight Games Center. The FFG GC is located at 1975 W County Road B2 Roseville, MN 55113.

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Fantasy Flight Game Center - A Superior Gaming Venue

  • One huge room! - All the action in one space, no one will face an annoying walk between rooms as all of the gaming action will be in one room with abundant space.
  • Climate Controlled and comfortable - FFG keeps the temperature at a cozy 72 degrees.
  • Carpeted floors - It might not seem like much, but a day after standing on cheap linoleum, concrete or rotten wood can be a killer on the feet, not so at the Dark Star.
  • Food and Drink on premise - Great food at the Cafe and Beer on tap at the bar.
  • Free Parking - No long walks carrying your stuff or fights with other drivers for that last parking spot. There is plenty of free parking just feet away from the front door.
  • No Bums - It might still be winter time, they have all moved on south.

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